Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Kim Molina. Julie Andrews. They have nothing in common. You know who has more in common with Molina than an ex-nun turned governess who took care of the Von Trapp children? Yours truly.

Rewind to 2014. I brought my camera out after a session and saw Kim surfing. We met briefly after she came in and I didn’t know if I’d run into her again. A few weeks went by and I was in a Firestone waiting area. Kim walked in – hold on this sounds like a meet-cute between a couple – it was the start of a friendship – car problems brought us together. I told her what I was doing with photography, asked if she wanted to shoot with me, and would want to go surfing (my entire surf group was guys, I was so freaking excited to meet a woman in my age range that wanted to surf waves bigger than waist high). We exchanged numbers and tada! Friendship!

If it wasn’t for surfing, I don’t think Kim and I would have ever crossed paths. I’ve always been more of a daytime activities person where she’s a night owl. Despite that, being around her in the ocean is always good regardless of the conditions. For shooting, I wanted to start doing lifestyle and surf shots with women. Working with her was simple and she was willing to help me improve. There were a number of times where we’d go to surf and if the waves were terrible, we’d shoot. If the photos didn’t turn out, it wasn’t a be all and end all. Having that pressure removed to deliver when I was starting out led to photos that are still favorites of mine.

Looking back 7 years, I remember the first surf session in the water I shot with her (ok, I’d hope I’d be able to recall something that wasn’t that long ago). I had gotten my water housing, been shooting at Sandy’s, and felt like I was ready to try other South Shore breaks. Kim called and said Kewalos looked small and fun. Insert me ridiculously happy to finish work to meet up with her. For some reason though…I forgot my fins. After watching for a bit, I told her I’d give it a go and if I needed to swim in, I would. It ended up working in our favor and I started learning about how to position myself to shoot a surfer. Also, from that point on, I haven’t forgotten my fins.

Even when we’ve been apart, Kim is a friend that it doesn’t feel like any time has passed when I see her (one of the rare ones). If I have an idea for a shot, she’s still one of the first people I call. She’s always game to help me out when I need a model, surfs, dives, and has been in my corner cheering for me to succeed with photography from some of my earliest days. 

The Funking Copper to my Tod!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as Kim and I are the same species and lack the relationship hurdles of being a fox and a hound or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun, dun, dun

Kim Molina & Mahina Maeda