Govamoto Games

I didn’t know where the photos from the Govamoto Games necessarily fit. So, I’m fitting them in this blog. My friends Jamie and Erin got married April 2019 and their wedding was at least, from my point of view, seamless. Any potential hang-ups were ironed out and the morning ceremony went by beautifully. What they had that was different from any wedding I’d been to before was how they finished.

The late afternoon was scheduled as Govamoto Games. Yep, they even have a catchy last name combination, Gove and Yamamoto, Govamoto. The first segment of the games was that every guest was part of a team and we all competed against each other in ridiculous challenges. So fun, but I was not a die-hard competitor for that bit. I’ve had friends get injured playing drunken kick-ball and since I’m naturally accident-prone (seriously, I once rode a bike into a parked car. I was trying to be cool and drink from my water bottle and bike at the same time…), I didn’t want to break myself and not be able to work. The rest of the guests, on the other hand, were no holds barred.  

After completing the swimming, egg, running, and beer-related shenanigans, Jamie and Erin finished the afternoon with a couples face-off. I brought out my camera for their challenge. To start they had to run through a tunnel of friends with beer being poured from every direction. Erin made it through pretty clean. Jamie followed, got smashed by elbows into the sand, and drenched in beer. That about summarizes the rest of the challenges, Erin making it and Jamie getting creamed. The finale was a giant version of basketball with exercise balls and wave storms making up the net. Guests tried to block their shots but eventually, Erin brought it home for the win.

Although I don’t remember all the details of the Govamoto Games, what I do remember is a lot of laughing. Which, I think, if you can finish a wedding that way you’ve won the day.

Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get Funked

Dear Reader that catchy closing line is under construction as getting Funked doesn’t necessarily imply the same commitment as marriage unless you get married and have a quickie in the storage closet or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun dun dun