Leis for Days ~ Keep Wild Part II

Told you there’d be more blogs about Keep Wild. I’m jumping over a previous Keep Wild shoot that I’ll get back to later because I want to write about this one right meow. Good talk. What did this day involve you ask? Freaking awesome women that’s what it involved. Stunning haku leis and floral creations by Pamakanisecond breakfast, elevenses, and lunchomnomnomnom Yes, this might be one of my favorite photography days.

Who was the cast of the shoot? Kimi, Akemi, Pamakani, Auntie Donna, Kim, and Boy (the wee pup). Who was eaten? A Kala. Weather was…typical Hawaii. Rain one minute, sun five minutes later. Speaking of Pamakani, seriously, anything she designs (I swear she has magical flower dust) is going to be a visual symphony. Her haku leis were welcome additions that complimented the Keep Wild products. When we arrived at the beach, we fawned over her creations before getting to work. 

After the ocean portion we ventured to Kimi’s house and had less rain! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! Second breakfast was served and I fired off the shutter. Hilarious conversations happened throughout, like minded friends worked to create content, and we all enjoyed what the day had on offer. Somewhere along the way, elevenses were served. Mmmm, dip, beer drinking, more laughing, more content. We finished the day with lunch and a group photo (minus Boy, he was probably off somewhere licking his bum).

Insert the bonus of all bonuses, I got a haku lei from Pamakani! With no occasion to wear it; I wore it in celebration for the rest of the day, it was too pretty not to. And yes, I did wear it to Costco later with my towel skirt and t-shirt.  The haku lei stepped up my grocery store fashion game, oh ding ding!

Have a fan-Funking-tastic day!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as you can have whatever kind of day you’d like with or without Funking or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun dun dun!