Tomato is Nobody’s Color

I’m looking out the window at it right now. It’s the reason I am wearing a sports bra, running shorts, and using my redneck air conditioner. Redneck air conditioner? I put an icepack in the back of my bra during the summer months to stay cool (guys, another reason to buy a Bro). Eliminating the use of an air conditioner, an ice pack in the sports bra is energy efficiency at its finest. End tangent. The subject of the blog warms the earth and if you aren’t protected does a number on your skin. Yes, our big beautiful golden glowing sun. Overexposure in it can lead to skin cancer and premature aging to name a couple; but man, despite all of that, it’s glorious. How you protect your skin can mean the difference between looking like a leather purse at age 35 or being able to enjoy it for your life.

Surface Sunscreen has sponsored me for a number of years now. That’s a sponsor I am ridiculously thankful for. Before the law changed in Hawaii to only sell reef-safe sunscreen, they were already producing products that wouldn’t harm the reef. Since the beginning, they’ve been leading from the front with reef-safe products that perform. Products that aren’t toxic to the ocean environment (or your skin), albeit a small part, are still crucial in efforts to keep our oceans clean.

When I first came out to Hawaii, I wish someone would have sat me down and had a sunscreen talk. Told me to toss the mainland products that don’t work and pointed me in the right direction. It would have saved me damaging sunburns that made me look like I was going head to head with a tomato in the ‘Who Wore Cherry Best?’ competition. Here’s me doing that for you. Surface Sunscreen is effective. Check out what they have, see what works.

Before I go, if you have dark skin, you still need sunscreen. The sun doesn’t pick and choose who to damage, it’s equal opportunity sunshine, baby!

I’m Funkin’, I’m Funkin’, I’m Funkin’ for you!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as I’m replacing Burnin’ with Funkin’, if I do that it means I’m burning, not using Surface Products, which goes against what I told you or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun dun dun!