You know how you can see something 100 times without actually seeing it? Actually, before we go there, I’m typing this as my husband and mother-in-law make pizza. I’m avoiding being another cook in the kitchen, $5 says I become the default dishwasher. What will result from this avoidance is a blog.

Back to it, I’d been in my in-law’s back pasture a number of times but I hadn’t really seen the dead koa tree until two days ago which led to this mini shoot, getting the idea for a photo in my head and then documenting the rest of the morning. We went out to check on the cows one morning and I saw the shot. I didn’t have my camera but I set it up in my mind. The sun shone on the old koa tree, lighting its empty branches. The white branches were a stark contrast to the dark background. I looked along the fence line and framed the tree in it. Now all I needed was my camera. 

We’ve been having heavy rains the past few days and what I saw when I woke up this morning was a break in the storm. The sun was peeking through. I was on the fence (har har har - it’s a shot framed with the fences, I pun, I pun) about trying to get the photo today but I’d figured I’d give it a go.

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams, I set-up the photo, and then the cows moved. The thing about the pasture is, they still run cattle. The cows looked at me with hopes of sugar-coated alfalfa cubes in their eyes. My mother-in-law Robin, fortunately, opened the gate and let the cows roam to the other pasture.  After the cows realized I had nothing to offer and passed me, I set-up the shot again. The light cooperated and what followed was that glorious feeling that comes as an image comes to life.

After that, I started documenting everything. The dogs playing, cows, Robin, birds, and more cows. I roamed around with my husband to figure out where the animals are running so we can come back to hunt. I kept shooting and finally, we made our way back to the house before the sky let go of all the rain. Time for pizza; and, I owe myself $5. 

I’m singing in the Funk!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as Funk isn’t a weather phenomenon or it may endure the test of time stay tuned, dun, dun, dun