No Sporks Here ~ Keep Wild Part IV

Utensils are the name of this blog game. I wrote that down in case my husband comes inside and asks if I want to go jump in the water. To which I’ll reply, “Yes.” Accepting that you will drop things like typing to go outside, I see no issues there. I’ll be back. Wait hold on, he’s doing sit-ups first. I’m doing mental sit-ups. This feels ineffective…ok back to the forks, spoons, and things.

Speaking of going outside (mmm the joys of a segue), Keep Wild founders Kimi Werner and Akemi Ueda-Jensen had an idea to recycle the large surf posters used to advertise competitions. With no post-competition use available, these posters usually took up precious space in the landfill. Enter Kimi and Akemi. They collect the large posters and cut them apart to make small, unique cases to hold utensils.

Solid gold idea. Before they knew it they had outside companies asking them to use their posters to make complimentary kits for events. Oh ding ding! Keep Wild found a niche market.

Wondering what these kits hold? A fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, napkin, metal straw, and straw cleaner all fit perfectly in one of these bad boys. When we can go out to eat again (or if you’re on a hike, taking a lunch to the beach, work, etc), you can go back to support the ‘use less plastic’ movement by bringing your own utensils. Also, a metal straw is glorious because cardboard straws droop and taste like you’re eating a popsicle stick.

Keep Wild needed photos to advertise these fine and fantastic kits and I met up with a mutual friend, Lei in town to make them happen. I know I have said this before but I cannot emphasize enough how difficult it is to look attractive while eating. Lei has that skill. She is also a stewardess so she has more going for her than being pretty while eating. I arrived later than planned because parking is a struggle bus for me. Which means the Banan creation that she ordered melted a bit but I still think it looked delicious. After taking advantage of their trendy eating area (thanks Banan) we went across the street to Da Cove Health Bar & Café. Commence backwards meal eating, after Banan-quasai-desert we ordered dinner. Once we finished shots in Health Bar, we migrated to Diamond Head for our sunset picnic location. Lei and I picked different grass areas above Diamond Head surf break and took advantage of golden hour. Also, to our benefit, Diamond Head, a normally windy zone was glassy and picturesque.

You know what I can’t believe about this shoot, it was in 2018. Holy mackerel, (insert any cliché time flies saying). Keep Wild is still doing utensil kits and yes, they’re doing it and doin’ it and doin’ it well. This is a bandwagon you want to be on. Unless you don’t. In which case, that’s cool too…

And the Funk ran away with the Spoon!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as a Funk is not a common household item residing in a cabinet or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun, dun, dun