Whatever Puffs Your Magic Dragon

Himiko Organics is a company that aims to have a positive impact on health through its line of CBD oil products. Their products include tinctures, soft gels, body balm, gummies, roll-on relief cooling gel, and dog treats just to name them all. They asked two surfers I’ve been shooting with for years to be part of their Athlete Team, Flynn Novak and Ulu Napeahi. When they needed a photographer they asked yours truly!

When I work with guys, I feel like I have a Zoolander montage going on in my head, “Are you challenging me to a walk-off…Boo-Lander” among other quotes. Ulu and Flynn, not their first rodeo for this type of shoot. A (deeply tanned) Derek and Hansel if you will. Both were easy to work with and actually use the products. When they advertise Himiko Organics, it’s because it works for them. Don’t mistake their promotion for shameless false plugging. 

After the walk-off, the models left for Orange Mocha Frappuccinos. I took a look at the products and the scenery on offer. Ulu had conveniently brought a board with art that matched the packaging. Score! Add in clouds that diffused the light and eliminated annoying shadows, natural plant life background, and I’m a happy camper photographer. The rest of the session went off without a hitch. And I may have watched Zoolander for the 7 zillionth time when I got home.

Oh, Funk the magic dragon lived by the sea!

Dear Reader, that catchy closing line is under construction as the Funk doesn’t puff or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun dun dun!