We’re Going Streaking!

No, actually we’re not going, I may not even know you. My personal streaking habits tend to follow copious amounts of alcohol around people I know. The last time I may or may not have gone might have been on a golf course with my sister…might….infer what you will; but, let’s move on. 

For the purposes of this blog, streaking has two meanings. Definition 1: A camera technique. Definition 2: Something I may have done in the past. We’ll focus on the first definition. See what I did there? I punned.  

Whether I’ve wrapped shooting an evening surf session or I need to go shoot something, anything, I have a tendency to use the 1st definition to take advantage of low light situations. With my camera set to manual on a tripod, I put my ISO on 100, slow my shutter speed, and then will play with different combinations of shutter and aperture as I take photos.

When shooting, I intentionally move my camera around and zoom in and out to induce blur. I’m sure this well-honed technique looks really special from far away especially since I do my best to make it look extra weird (because of my inherent Funk). Don’t mind me waving my camera around, I’m just trying to drag the sun out and play with the myriad of color combinations in the sky. Let your imagination run and go for it. Bonus, the same approach can be applied underwater! Use the same steps as above minus the tripod. You’ll end up with photos that take light and water movement to an entirely different level.

Although this form of streaking involves you keeping your clothes on (unless you are shooting on a nude beach or shooting in the water), it’s still a fun skill-set to have in your toolbox. Breaking from the convention of traditional photography, with your camera as still as possible on the tripod is a rather glorious step outside the box. Go wild; but not too wild, because indecent exposure (I pun again) is a thing, and I don’t want you to get arrested on my account.

You my boy Funk!

Dear Reader that catchy closing line is under construction as I’m not a boy Funk, I’m a girl Funk or it may endure the test of time, stay tuned, dun dun dun